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Zaterdag 30 november Games & Crafts

8 november 2019

Vind je het leuk om naast het gamen ook even iets creatiefs te doen? Schuif […]

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Woensdag 20 november Games & Cookies

30 oktober 2019

Kom gezellig gamen of jumpen en sluit tussendoor aan bij Games & Cookies. In plaats […]

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Zondag 1 december Pepernoten BINGO

28 oktober 2019

Op zondag 1 december spelen we PEPERNOTEN BINGO bij E-Village. We starten rond 16.00 uur. […]

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“Zij komen….., Zij komen…., de coole stoere Pietenzusjes” op zondag 24 november

28 oktober 2019

Dit jaar laat Sinterklaas het helaas afweten, maar hij is ons zeker niet vergeten. Sint […]

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Unique game center

E-Village is an interactive game centre where physical activity, fun and gaming go hand in hand. In terms of both games and multimedia technology, we’re always right up to date – E-Village has it all! Go into virtual battle with your friends, family or colleagues in the newest and coolest games.

Game Challenge

Challenge each other to a football match or a round of ten-pin bowling on the XBOX. Would you prefer to race a Formula 1 car on the Playstation? No problem! Or are you more interested in music and dancing? If so, then Guitar Hero and I Dance are right up your street. With more than 80 different games to choose from, there’s something for everyone. We can even play air hockey, darts, pool and table football too. Come and see for yourself!

From beginners to experts

All the games at E-Village are designed for players of all standards – you don’t need to be a ‘computer freak’ to play. Some games are so realistic that you’ll hardly notice that they are computer generated. Each game can be adapted to the player’s own ‘physical’ level.

Opening times

Monday: closed

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: from 13.30 - 20.00 h

Thursday: closed

Friday: from 13.30-24.00 h

Saturday: from 13.30-24.00 h

Sunday: from 13.30-20.00 h

 During school holidays, E-Village is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 13:30


E-Village Roggel

Heldensedijk 3, 6088 NT, Roggel 



Free parking